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  1. Aliança Underground Museum
    Museums and Palaces
    Aliança Underground Museum
    The Aliança Underground Museum shelters an exhibition that is displayed along the traditional wine cellar of Aliança Vinhos de Portugal. Exhibiting seven distinct collections, this museum contemplates areas such as archeology, ethnography, (...)

    Telephone: +351 234 732 000/45
    Fax: +351 234 732 005
    E-mail: undergroundmuseum@alianca.pt
    Website: http://www.alianca.pt

  2. Atelier-Museu António Duarte
    Museums and Palaces
    Atelier-Museu António Duarte
    The António Duarte (1912-1998) Atelier and Museum was inaugurated in 1985, after the donation made by sculptor António Duarte of his art collection to his hometown, the city of Caldas da Rainha. The initial idea was to provide the building with a (...)

    Telephone: +351 262 840 540
    Fax: +351 262 840 549
    E-mail: centro.artes@cm-caldas-rainha.pt
    Website: http://www.cm-caldas-rainha.pt

  3. Casa das Histórias Paula Rego
    Museums and Palaces
    Casa das Histórias Paula Rego
    Inaugurated in September 2009, the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego is the result of the combined efforts and strong determination shown by both the Cascais Municipal Council and the artist herself, who lived for a long time in Estoril. The museum (...)

    Telephone: +351 21 482 69 70
    Fax: +351 21 482 69 71
    E-mail: info@casadashistorias.com
    Website: http://www.casadashistoriaspaularego.com

  4. Museums and Palaces
    Casa Etno-Museu Dr. Marcelino Moules
    Dr. Marcelino Moules Ethno-museum/HouseThe Dr. Marcelino Moules Eco-museum is constituted by three nuclei. It is possible to visit Atafona - a manual or horse driven mill; the Barn adapted to a kitchen and bar; and the house itself, which features (...)

    Telephone: +351 295 907 063 - 295 907 169
    Fax: +351 295 907 063

  5. Casa Fernando Pessoa
    Museums and Palaces
    Casa Fernando Pessoa
    In 1993, Lisbon Council founded the Casa Fernando Pessoa in the building in which the poet lived during the last years of his life. Fernando Pessoa is regarded as one of the world's greatest poets.The aim of this institution is to encourage the (...)

    Telephone: +351 21 391 32 70 - +351 21 391 32 77
    Fax: +351 21 391 32 78
    E-mail: info@casafernandopessoa.pt
    Website: http://www.casafernandopessoa.pt

  6. Museums and Palaces
    Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas
    The Calçada House was rebuilt in the nineteenth century, over previous constructions, by the Counts of Calçada. From the nineteen-forties on it was rented to Dr. Frederico de Freitas who lived there until his death in 1978. He left the contents of (...)

    Telephone: +351 291 202 570
    Fax: +351 291 202 580
    E-mail: cmffreitas@sapo.pt
    Website: http://www.museumac.com/item3.php?lang=1&id_channel=20&id_pa (...)

  7. Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro
    Museums and Palaces
    Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro
    This museum is housed in a beautiful 18th century building, next to Porto cathedral, and displays the private collection of the Portuguese writer Guerra Junqueiro (1850-1923).It contains largely Portuguese furniture, the highlight of which is a 14th (...)

    Telephone: +351 22 200 36 89
    Fax: +351 22 208 60 29
    E-mail: dmpc@cm-porto.pt
    Website: http://www.portoturismo.pt/index.php?m=3

  8. Casa-Museu Marta Ortigão Sampaio
    Museums and Palaces
    Casa-Museu Marta Ortigão Sampaio
    Housed in a building designed by the architect José Carlos Loureiro, this museum has a collection of naturalist paintings from the late 19th/early 20th century, by artists such as Aurélia de Sousa, Sofia de Sousa, Marques de Oliveira, Silva Porto, (...)

    Telephone: +351 22 606 65 68
    Fax: +351 22 605 70 01
    E-mail: dmpc@cm-porto.pt
    Website: http://www.portoturismo.pt/index.php?m=3

  9. Museums and Palaces
    Casa-Museu São Rafael
    The museum’s collection consists above all of the ceramics produced over the years at the Bordalo Pinheiro Ceramics Factory, containing originals and copies of pieces designed and made by the artist in the late 19th century.

    Telephone: +351 262 839 384
    Fax: +351 262 839 382
    E-mail: museu@fabordalopinheiro.pt
    Website: http://www.fabordalopinheiro.pt

  10. Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes
    Museums and Palaces
    Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes
    The museum is housed in a 19th-century building, an example of regional architecture built in 1895, in keeping with the project designed by the architect José Teixeira Lopes for use as a residence and sculptor’s studio. Nowadays, it has been (...)

    Telephone: +351 22 375 12 24
    Fax: +351 22 375 20 95
    E-mail: cmteixeiralopes@gaianima.pt
    Website: http://www.gaianima.pt


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