Marinas and Harbours


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  1. Marina da Horta
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina da Horta

    Telephone: +351 292 391 693
    Fax: +351 292 293 986
    E-mail: marinahorta@portosdosacores.pt
    Website: https://portosdosacores.pt/marinas/marina-da-horta/

  2. Marina da Póvoa
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina da Póvoa

    Telephone: +351 252 688 121
    Fax: +351 252 688 123
    E-mail: marinadapovoa@mail.telepac.pt
    Website: http://www.marinadapovoa.com

  3. Marina da Praia da Vitória
Photo: Maurício de Abreu - Turismo dos Açores
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina da Praia da Vitória
    The Praia da Vitória Marina is located on the far eastern corner of Terceira Island, in the Archipelago of the Azores, at the coordinates 38º 43"N, 27º 03"W.The marina is protected by the Northern and Southern jetties of the bay in the city of Praia (...)

    Telephone: 295 540 219
    Fax: +351 295 512 123
    E-mail: marina@cmpv.pt

  4. Marina da Quinta do Lorde
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina da Quinta do Lorde
    Quinta do Lorde Marina, is located at Ponta de São Lourenço Península, the most south-eastern tip of Madeira Island. It is the first stop for sailors arriving to Madeira Island from the East and Portugal mainland. This sheltered marina, builted (...)

    Telephone: +351 291 969 607
    Fax: +351 291 960 066
    E-mail: marina@quintadolorde.pt

  5. Marinas and Harbours
    Marina da Ribeira - Peniche
    Situated inside the western jetty of the port of Peniche, the Marina da Ribeira has 140 berths for boats up to 15 metres in length and with draughts of less than 4 metres, 20 of which are reserved for transient moorages. Besides the usual facilities (...)

    Telephone: +351 262 783 331
    Fax: +351 262 784 225
    E-mail: centro.peniche@imarpor.pt

  6. Marina da Vila - Industria de Marinas e Recreio EM
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina da Vila - Industria de Marinas e Recreio EM

    Telephone: +351 296 581 488
    Fax: +351 296 581 488
    E-mail: marinaem@sapo.pt

  7. Marina de Albufeira
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina de Albufeira
    By the Sea of Albufeira, just inland at Várzea da Orada, is located the Albufeira Marina. The project represents a clear step forward in both architectural and functional terms on all projects of this type previously undertaken in Portugal. In (...)

    Telephone: +351 289 510 180
    Fax: +351 289 510 189
    E-mail: info@marinaalbufeira.com
    Website: http://marina.marinaalbufeira.com/

  8. Marina de Angra
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina de Angra do Heroísmo

    Telephone: +351 295 216 304
    Fax: +351 295 216 309
    E-mail: marina.angra@portosdosacores.pt
    Website: http://www.marinasazores.com

  9. Marina de Cascais
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina de Cascais

    Telephone: +351 214 824 800
    E-mail: info@marinacascais.pt
    Website: https://marinacascais.com/

  10. Marina de Lagos
Place: Lagos
Photo: Turismo do Algarve
    Marinas and Harbours
    Marina de Lagos
    A winner of the The Yacht Harbour Association’s 5 Gold Anchors, IMCI’s 5 Blue Stars, "Euromarina Anchor Award" and the "European Blue Flag", Marina de Lagos opened in 1994. It is located among some of the world’s best beaches and sailing grounds and (...)

    Telephone: +351 282 770 210
    Fax: +351 282 770 219
    E-mail: marina@marlagos.pt
    Website: http://www.marinadelagos.pt


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