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  1. Monumentos
    Aqueduto do Convento de Cristo
    With a total length of six kilometres, this aqueduct was built to supply water to the Convento de Cristo.It was built at the orders of Filipe I, in 1593, under the supervision of the architect Filipe Terzi. It is classified as a National Monument.

  2. Monuments
    Aqueduto dos Arcos do Sardão
    This aqueduct was built in 1720 at the orders of José Bento Leitão, the maternal grandfather of the Portuguese writer Almeida Garrett.It was built to carry water from a spring at Vilar de Andorinho to the palace of Quinta do Sardão. It is a robust (...)

  3. Aqueduto dos Pegões Altos
Place: Tomar
Photo: Região de Turismo dos Templários
    Aqueduto dos Pegões Altos
    Around 6-km long and constituted by 180 arches, the Aqueduct of Pegões was one of the main public works built in the 17th century in Portugal. This monumental work was designed by the distinguished architect Filipe Terzi, in order to supply water to (...)

  4. Monuments
    Arco da Rua Augusta
    This majestic triumphal arch, the noble gateway onto the interior of the "Downtown", was planned in the time of the Marquis de Pombal to finish off the northern side of the Praça do Comércio. However, it was only begun in 1862 and finished in (...)

  5. Arco da Vila em Faro
Place: Faro
Photo: Turismo do Algarve
    Arco da Vila em Faro
    The Archway Built on one of the medieval gateways to the city, this monumental archway was commissioned by Bishop Francisco Gomes de Avelar in the early 19th century. The project was carried out by Italian architect Francisco Xavier Fabri and (...)

  6. Monuments
    Arco de São Gonçalo
    Arch of São GonçaloThe Arch of São Gonçalo indicates the site of the saint's birthplace in 1360. He is the patron saint of fishermen in Lagos, the only Portuguse locality where fishermen have never adopted São Pedro Telmo as their patron saint. São (...)

  7. Arch and Tower of Almedina
    Arco e Torre de Almedina
    The Arco de Almedina was part of the solid mediaeval wall rebuilt in the 11th century by the Arab conqueror Almansor, and it is the only surviving gate from the three that once led into the citadel. It now marks the entrance into the old part of (...)

  8. Monuments
    Atalaia Magra
    Standing in isolation atop a 192-metre high hill, close to the Estrada Nacional 258, roughly 3 kilometres from the town of Moura, is this curious example of 14th-century military architecture.Built in the 14th century, this 12-metre high round (...)

  9. Basílica da Estrela
    Basílica da Estrela
    Also known as Bas¡lica do Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus), this is one of Lisbonïs most important 18th century monuments.The Baroque style predominates throughout the building, although the central part of the façade (...)

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  10. Basílica da Santíssima Trindade
    Basílica da Santíssima Trindade
    The Church of the Most Holy Trinity is situated within the enclosure of the Sanctuary of Fátima, on the opposite side of the Basilica. It was inaugurated in 2007 but had been planned since 1973. In fact since then there had been the need to build a (...)

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