Bars and Discotheques


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  1. Bars and Discotheques
    Sagrada Família

    Telephone: 213 520 159 
    E-mail: sagradafamilialisboa@gmail.com

  2. Bars and Discotheques

    Telephone: 213 465 431
    Website: http://www.fontoriabluescaffe.com/contactos/

  3. Bars and Discotheques
    Taverna da Arca d'Água

    Telephone: 914 342 090
    E-mail: tavernaarcadagua@gmail.com

  4. Bars and Discotheques
    By Art Caffé

    Telephone: 219 313 430
    E-mail: araujo_pedro@hotmail.com

  5. Bars and Discotheques
    Castelo Bar

    Telephone: 21 932 72 13
    Website: http://www.castelobar.cuconet.com/

  6. Bars and Discotheques
    Classic Bar

    Telephone: 266 501 066
    E-mail: classic-pub4@sapo.pt

  7. Bars and Discotheques

    E-mail: djv5club@gmail.com

  8. Bars and Discotheques
    RCA Club

    Telephone: 918 741 679
    E-mail: omeumercedesemaiorqueoteu@gmail.com

  9. Bars and Discotheques

    E-mail: moblisboa@gmail.com
    Website: http://moblisboa.org/contactos/

  10. Bars and Discotheques

    Telephone: 925 136 359
    E-mail: estelarosmaninho@hotmail.com


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