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  1. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa da Alcáçova

    Telephone: +351 243 304 030
    Fax: +351 243 304 035
    E-mail: info@alcacova.com
    Website: http://www.alcacova.com

  2. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa da Azinhaga

    Telephone: +351 249 957 146
    E-mail: joaooliveiraesousa@gmail.com

  3. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa da Capela
    Three apartments with a living-room, kitchnette, TV and fireplace.There is a garden with a swimmimg-pool and a car park.

    Telephone: 238486423
    Fax: 213852197
    E-mail: casadacapela@clix.pt

  4. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa das Pereiras
    In the old village of Ponte de Lima is exquesite Casa das Pereiras.This 17 th century manor house has been brought us modern standards of comfort while keeping its character. We offer a warm welcome to guests who appreciate a stay in historic (...)

    Telephone: 258942939

  5. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa de Casal de Loivos
    There are certainly few places along the spectacular Douro river valley, where the views can rival those from this unique manor house. From the lovely swimmingpool and the magnificient terrace, from the elegant living or even from the delightful (...)

    Telephone: 254732149
    Fax: 254732149
    E-mail: casadecasaldeloivos@ip.pt
    Website: http://www.casadecasaldeloivos.com

  6. Casa de Cela
    Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa de Cela

    Telephone: +351 256 946 831
    Fax: +351 256 944 226
    E-mail: casadecela@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.casadecela.com

  7. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa de Cochêca
    Situated in a small, quiet farming valley near the river Douro, this ancient house was taken in lease from the Convent of Salzedas in 1567. Its present appearance, dating from the early 18 th century, has resulted in a fine principal elevation with (...)

    Telephone: +351 255 551 174
    Fax: +351 255 551 174
    E-mail: reservas@cocheca.com
    Website: http://www.cocheca.com

  8. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa de Fataunços
    The house, a manor house dating from the 18th century, is located in Fataunços, a small and well preserved village, 22 km from the capital district, Viseu. It has 9 guest rooms with bath and central heating. Facilities include swimming-pool, tennis (...)

    Telephone: 232 772 697
    Fax: 232 772 697
    E-mail: casa.fatauncos@oninet.pt
    Website: http://allrural.com/sites.php

  9. Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa de Fontes
    One of the best options it is just doing nothing. But you can choose to swim at the Casa de Fontes pool or use the quiet and peaceful library, or the gambling-room and the billiard/snooker-room.We recommend that you stroll along the typical (...)

    Telephone: +351 234 938 701
    Fax: +351 234 938 703
    E-mail: casadefontes@mail.telepac.pt
    Website: http://www.casadefontes.pt

  10. Casa de Juzam
    Tourism in a Manor House
    Casa de Juzam

    Telephone: 255811360
    Fax: 255811360
    E-mail: info@casadejuzam.com
    Website: http://www.casadejuzam.com


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