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  1. Rubble King
    Rubble King
    Rubble King introduces a short attention span, an archetypal investigating creature. An entity inside a sandbox, a place of unlimited information, an overly productive circuit looking for archetypes to feed. This universal body is viral, an (...)

    Telephone: 261338131
    E-mail: teatro.cine@cm-tvedras.pt
    Website: http://www.cm-tvedras.pt/agenda/detalhes/124861/

  2. Dimitris Papaioannou
    Dimitris Papaioannou
    This new creation, full of powerful and suggestive images, by Dimitris Papaioannou, a Greek artist from the visual arts who later immersed himself in the world of performing arts, not only as a director, but also as a choreographer, interpreter, set (...)

    Telephone: 223392200
    E-mail: geral.tmp@agoraporto.pt
    Website: https://www.teatromunicipaldoporto.pt/pt/programa/dimitris-p (...)

  3. Unstable stages
    Unstable stages
    "Unstable stages" by Costanza Givone, is a work on a body in transformation: a transient and fragile state like the plaster works used for preparatory studies. The human being in transformation as an unfinished work.

    Telephone: 226063000
    E-mail: geral.tmp@agoraporto.pt
    Website: https://www.teatromunicipaldoporto.pt/pt/programa/palcos-ins (...)

  4. Gorpuztu
    Gorpuztu is a contemporary dance show with live music that addresses our constant search for balance. It is a combat for being calm, for silencing the noise, for lightening the load and the guilt, to find a place where the animal sleeps (...)

    Telephone: 261338131
    E-mail: teatro.cine@cm-tvedras.pt
    Website: https://teatrocine-tvedras.pt/agenda/114760

  5. Numbers by the Marina Popova Dance Company
    Numbers by the Marina Popova Dance Company
    "Numbers" is a choreographic piece on freedom, although sometimes observed from the point of view of its absence. Inspired by the dystopia "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin, "Numbers by the Marina Popova Dance Company" is a play about restrictions of freedom (...)

    Telephone: 261810100
    E-mail: geral@cm-mafra.pt
    Website: https://www.cm-mafra.pt/pages/1148

  6. Dust
    Dust is a project that aims to react to what has happened, to what we have all experienced in recent times. Turning to Nature, this project seeks to sensitize the public to environmental issues and answer, by the art of dance, to the concerns common (...)

    Website: https://www.epal.pt/EPAL/menu/museu-da-%C3%A1gua/apresenta%C (...)

  7. Aprometido
    "Aprometido" uses traditional and contemporary dance, as well as the fashions of the Alentejo songbook to explore the life stages of a Mast of Promise, from the moment the promises are expressed, through construction and empinar until its overthrow. (...)

    Telephone: 266732504
    E-mail: pedexumbogeral@pedexumbo.com
    Website: http://pedexumbo.com/o-espetaculo-aprometido-vai-estar-no-te (...)

  8. Dom Quixote -  Russian National Ballet
    Dom Quixote - Russian National Ballet
    The ballet "Don Quixote" is full of vivacity and emotion. It is a comic story with a great happy ending. Don Quixote enters the scene with his idealistic romanticism and provides the ideal backdrop for the humorous resolution of the otherwise insane (...)

    Telephone: 213151050
    E-mail: teatrotivolibbva@uau.pt
    Website: https://www.teatrotivolibbva.pt/pt/event/337/dom-quixote-rus (...)

  9. Irish Celtic
    Irish Celtic
    Irish Celtic is a pub in Cork, Ireland. Its history dates back to the beginning of time, and in its interior there are legends and objects that testify to the history of the Emerald Island, from the time of the druids to the migration of the (...)

    Telephone: 213303500
    E-mail: uau@uau.pt
    Website: https://www.uau.pt/event/952/irish-celtic

  10. Six Months Later | Olga Roriz Company
    Six Months Later | Olga Roriz Company
    If in her last show, Autopsy, Olga Roriz reflected on the negative impact that human beings have been causing to the planet, Six months later she starts from a reflection on humanity that persists in each one of us. In the near future, humans, (...)

    Telephone: 213250800
    E-mail: geral@tndm.pt
    Website: https://centroartesagueda.pt/


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