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  1. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Chaves / Parque de Campismo da Quinta do Rebentão

    Telephone: +351 276 322 733
    Fax: +351 276 322 733
    E-mail: parquedecampismo@chaves.pt
    Website: Http://www.campismochaves.pai.pt

  2. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Coja
    The camping site is located in one of the most spectacular areas in the centre of Portugal, on the banks of river Alva, which has a fluvial beach. Within a priviledged touristic area, it is an ideal place for walks and is quite near Piodão, a (...)

    Telephone: +351 235 729 666
    Fax: +351 235 729 666
    E-mail: coja@fcmportugal.com
    Website: http://www.fcmportugal.com

  3. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Esmoriz

    Telephone: 256752709
    Fax: 256753717

  4. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Ferragudo

    Telephone: 282461121
    Fax: 282461355

  5. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Fetais

    Telephone: +351 21 268 29 78
    Fax: +351 21 268 50 98
    E-mail: geral@camping-fetais.com
    Website: http://www.camping-fetais.com/

  6. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Montargil / Orbitur

    Telephone: +351 242 901 207
    Fax: +351 242 901 220
    E-mail: montargil@orbitur.pt
    Website: http://www.orbitur.pt

  7. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Penacova
    It is located on the banks of the river Mondego, in the marvellous region of Penacova, near Coimbra. There is a fluvial swimming-pool. It is good for the practice of canoeing.

    Telephone: +351 239 477 464
    Fax: +351 239 477 464
    E-mail: penacova@fcmportugal.com
    Website: http://www.fcmportugal.com

  8. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Sagres / Orbitur

    Telephone: +351 282 624 371
    Fax: +351 282 624 445
    E-mail: sagres@orbitur.pt
    Website: http://www.orbitur.pt

  9. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de Salgueiros

    Telephone: 227810500
    Fax: 227810500

  10. Camping
    Parque de Campismo de São Gião
    The Camping Site is inserted in a touristic complex with an area of 9 ha. There is a small hotel with 18 rooms with private bath.There are 5 apartments, restaurant, canteen, etc.The Camping Site has new toilets, wash basins, plenty of water, (...)

    Telephone: 238691154


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